Our Services

Project management

A pre-requisite for successful Construction is having the right team in place, both prior to commencement of the project and throughout the construction period.
    Steplen Constructions can provide a complete project/construction management solution for your project.

Design and construct

Modern Construction can be an extremely complex & daunting experience, with each and every project having its unique challenges.
It is essential that projects be designed and constructed in detail to minimise the exposure and inconvenience to clients.
At Steplen Constructions we can develop and construct an entire project from inception to completion, meeting client requirements and producing a functional and financially viable project.

Asset redevelopment

There are going to be times throughout the life cycle of an asset where the requirement for increased functionality, compliance with relevant building codes or general asset repair will be necessary.
Steplen Constructions has extensive experience in the repair, alteration and modernisation of buildings.
Our methods ensure a cost effective solution that meets clients needs.

General building

The modernisation of general construction has often led to complex strategies being adopted to ensure a successful & compliant project.
Here at Steplen Constructions the modernisation of building practices and construction materials is an accepted practice which allows us to adopt to any aspect of building and construction.

Civil construction

Substantial civil infrastructure is one of the most important aspects of any project.
Over the last 15 years, Steplen Constructions has built a strong and comprehensive civil construction service.
Whether it be detailed or bulk earthworks, concrete and paving or sustainable civil development, Steplen will get the job done & deliver your job on time and within budget

Heritage reconstruction

Maintaining a Heritage building through reconstruction, restoration or preservation requires high levels of experience and acute attention to detail, particularly where heritage assets are a functional & occupied building.
Steplen Constructions has extensive experience in heritage construction and can ensure that your historical project maintains both its usefulness and its heritage significance

Architectural construction

As the complexity of buildings increase, in terms of structural systems, services, energy and technology, the importance of having a specialist builder has also increased.
Steplen Constructions excel in the area of Architectural construction and can provide the right specialist team to meet the requirements of your project.


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